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National Polystyrene Hive Pack (Type 3)

Product was in perfect condition

Product was perfect, very helpful staff

Good and strong. I find that theres less bees getting crush compared to the plastic one

Section Crate Pack
Jesus Borobia
Section Crate Pack

Great quality and easy to assemble. Service if excellent

Very pleased.

National brood box I ordered was well packaged and presented. Quality of timber is great. All fit together nicely and overall a great product. Will most definitely order more as I'm sure I'll need to.

Hives delivered timely hoping that they are successful

Excellent service, hives delivered timely Previously spoke to girl on phone who was very helpful, Hoping hives will be successful

National Hive Pack
Tomas Fallon
National hive pack

Really good. Great to get nails and pins for assembly.

National Super Foundation Wired (10 Pack)

National Super Hoffman Frames (SN4)

Bee Meadow Seed Mix 100g
Lorraine Toomey
Bee Meadow Seed mix

I would highly recommend the Bee Meadow Seed mix for your garden. If you have a free patch of ground in your garden that you don't use, the bee meadow mix would be ideal as you will be helping the bees and also have beautiful flowers to look at.

Bucket Pouring Aid
Padraig Murphy

Good idea


Wired foundation is best


Bought this as an upgrade (manual mechanical handle to electric motor) - a bit finnicky and awkward to set up, but once all connected works a charm - can reach fast speeds.

First Class Service

I received a first-class service from the Staff @ Donegal Bees. Thanks for all your help and support.

Hive Pack

Its my third hive , all good. the construction is sturdy I particularly like the plastic runners for the frames, which can be scraped clean with no ill effects to the polystyrene walls.

I prefer SN5 to SN4

I really like the junkier SN5 frames. It's more solid and stronger. The piece of wood that holds the foundation is larger too and easier to nail into place. Hard to say whether it prevents brace comb but even if it doesn't I prefer them to SN4s This was the first time that I ordered them preassembled and I have to say it was well worth the extra money! Great service too. Everybody is always very helpful.

Uncapping Knife
Michael Monahan

Pefect knife.


I will never buy a bucket with out a gate again.


Makes life easy. Fits any good size bucket and easy to use & clean

Great size

Perfect for uncapping . Great size. sturdy and strong

Looks like on the picture

My very first hive. It was delivered quick and in good condition.

Plastic Uncapping Tray with Plastic Strainer (depth 200mm)

Excellent product delivered promptly by Donegal Bees. Used them for years....they are the best!

Huge feeder

Fantastic capacity of syrup and great insulation means that this unit could even replace your crown board over winter for built in insulation. Very solid poly, better than other poly brands

Perfect queen rearing nuc

Quality build and smart design features, large enough for queen rearing without worrying that bees will abscond. The option to turn it in to. 2 way mating nuc is handy. Would recommend

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