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Learn the Fundamentals of Beekeeping

We here at Donegal Bees are buzzing with excitement to introduce our new comprehensive beekeeping course tailored for beginners, providing you with the essential knowledge and skills to start on your beekeeping journey.

Why Choose Donegal Bees?

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Expert Guidance

Learn from seasoned beekeeping experts with over 20 years of experience who are passionate about sharing their wealth of knowledge with you.

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Hands on Experience

Gain practical, real-world experience through our hands-on workshops, where you'll work directly with hives under the guidance of experienced instructors.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Our courses cover everything from bee biology and hive management to honey harvesting and advanced techniques, ensuring you have all the tools you need to succeed.

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Flexible Learning

Choose from a range of course offerings tailored to beginners and experienced beekeepers alike, with options for online and in-person learning.

Beekeeping Course Overview:

Beekeeping Basics: Lay a solid foundation with essential knowledge about bee biology, hive management, and equipment essentials.
Hive Management Techniques: Master the art of hive inspection, pest and disease management, and seasonal hive maintenance to keep your colonies healthy and thriving.
Harvesting Honey: Discover the sweet rewards of beekeeping as you learn honey extraction techniques, sustainable harvesting practices, and the art of tasting nature's liquid gold.
Advanced Topics: Take your skills to the next level with in-depth insights into queen rearing, swarm management, bee breeding, and more.
Hands-On Workshops: Put theory into practice with our immersive workshops, where you'll learn essential skills and techniques directly from experienced beekeepers.

Course Details:

Price: €250

Format: Delivered Online (with optional in-person day in July)

Start Date: June 10th 2024.

Duration: Comprehensive 4-day course running from 9 am to 1 pm. Includes an optional practical day in July, ideal for beginners looking to pass the FIBKA Exam and gain hands-on experience.

Free Tutor Support: Benefit from 6 months of free email support post-course. Have your questions answered by experienced beekeepers committed to your success.

Meet Our Instructors:

Joe Sheeran: Intermediate Exams completed from FIBKA, bringing years of hands-on experience and expertise.

Thomas Ellis: Experienced Beekeeper with extensive knowledge in modern beekeeping techniques.

Aine Curran: Holder of an Apiculture Diploma from NUIG, specializing in sustainable beekeeping practices.

Additional Offerings:

Fundamentals of Beekeeping:

One-day workshops covering topics such as swarm control, bee health, and pollination.

Guest Speakers:

Join us throughout the year for talks by guest speakers on various beekeeping related topics.

Community Events:

Get involved in community-based events aimed at promoting beekeeping and environmental stewardship.

Ready to get started?

To book your spot in one of our courses, follow the link to our booking system. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the fascinating world of beekeeping with Donegal Bees.

Have Questions?

What is the structure of the beekeeping courses? +

Our beekeeping courses include a blend of online theory sessions and in-person practical days that provide a thorough education in bee biology, hive management, and honey harvesting, making it a top choice for beekeeping training in Ireland.

How can I register for a beekeeping course at Donegal Bees, and what are the fees? +

Join our beekeeping community by registering here. Each course costs €250, which includes extensive training materials, practical sessions, and six months of free tutor support.

Are your beekeeping courses suitable for complete beginners?+

Absolutely! Our courses are designed to cater to beekeeping enthusiasts of all levels, including those who are just starting out. Our Beekeeping Basics module provides a solid foundation for beginners, covering essential topics such as bee biology, hive management, and equipment essentials.

What certifications will I receive upon completing the beekeeping course? +

Participants will have the opportunity to sit for the beginner FIBKA Exam as part of our practical day in July, receiving a certification recognized across Ireland that validates their beekeeping knowledge and skills.

What does the course schedule look like?+

Our beekeeping courses typically run over a period of several weeks, with both online and in-person sessions available. For example, the Beekeeping Basics course starts on May 20th and runs over four days from 9am to 1pm. Additionally, we offer an optional practical day in July for those interested in sitting the beginner FIBKA Exam.

What equipment do I need to participate in the beekeeping courses?+

We provide all necessary equipment and protective gear during our hands-on workshops. For online courses, we recommend having basic beekeeping equipment such as a bee suit, gloves, hive tool, and smoker. Our instructors will guide you on essential equipment and where to purchase it if needed

Is there ongoing support available after completing the beekeeping course? +

Yes, we offer six months of free tutor support via email to all course participants. Whether you have questions about hive management, pest control, or anything else related to beekeeping, our team of experienced instructors is here to help you every step of the way.

What safety measures are implemented during the practical beekeeping sessions?+

Safety is paramount in our practical sessions, with all necessary protective gear provided and comprehensive guidance from experienced beekeepers to ensure a safe and educational experience.

Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend the beekeeping course? +

We understand plans can change, so we offer a clear refund policy. Details are available on our registration page, ensuring transparency and convenience for all participants.

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