August 2023 Newsletter

Hello beekeepers! Mara daoibh a bheachairí!  

July has showered us with its rain, making it the wettest July on record in Ireland. While we can't control the weather, we're hoping that this rainy spell hasn't put too much of a damper on your beekeeping adventures, especially considering it's the time of year for honey harvesting and beginning to treat your apiaries for varroa. Fingers crossed for a sunnier and drier August ahead, where both our bees and beekeepers can thrive! Check out our recommended products below to ensure a successful harvest and healthy hives.

Proudly guaranteed irish!

We are thrilled to announce that we are now proud members of Guaranteed Irish! This exciting milestone marks our journey as a small company that started a decade ago. Today, we're elated to say that we provide employment opportunities for up to 22 local individuals during our busiest seasons. What makes us truly proud is our dedication to being eco-friendly and celebrating our Irish roots. Our beeswax foundation sheets are made using reclaimed beeswax gathered from beekeepers all around the country, and we also strive to champion the Irish language, with fluent speakers among our dedicated staff. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support over the years! Mile Buíochas uainn uilig ag Beachóga Dhún na nGall ❤️🙏 Your love for bees and dedication to our small business means the world to us!

candles that shine bright

Our candles have a new glow, and we're excited to share it with you! The Irish Wildflower Beeswax Candles line is fully restocked and adorned with the new Guaranteed Irish logo, embodying our commitment to quality and community. And that's not all – we're thrilled to introduce our brand-new Moulded Candle series! From charming ducks and adorable dogs to serene sheep and intricate beehive designs, these candles will light up any room. Keep an eye out for the unique pumpkin-shaped candle, just in time for the upcoming Halloween season. 🎃 These candles not only light up your space but also carry the natural benefits of beeswax. Plus, they make a thoughtful and beautiful gift for your loved ones. 


Looking for a way to keep your little busy bees entertained this summer? Look no further! Our FreeBee  colouring pack is now available on our website, designed to spark creativity and keep young minds engaged. Not only do they feature fun bee-themed illustrations, but they also have common bee-related words in the Irish language – a perfect blend of fun and education! Download the colouring pack HERE and encourage your young artists to bring these pages to life. Send us back your completed drawings by the end of August, and you could win a surprise that's sure to make you smile. 😉


Our summer journey has been buzzing with excitement as we hit the road to attend some fantastic shows and events. At the end of July we were at the Maynooth Summer Show, hosted by FIBKA. It was a joy to catch up with familiar faces and meet new friends in the beekeeping community. At the show, we even had the thrill of giving away an 8-Frame extractor as a spot prize on one of the days, adding a touch of excitement to the event!

Continuing our adventures, we had the pleasure of participating in the Glencolumcille Agricultural Show, right here in our hometown. It was heartwarming to see so many visitors exploring our local area and showing an interest in beekeeping. The sun smiled upon us, creating a vibrant atmosphere as we engaged with enthusiastic individuals, many of whom are eager to dive into the world of beekeeping. We're here to offer guidance and support as they take their first steps in this fulfilling journey.


As we move forward into August, our commitment to fostering a thriving beekeeping community remains unwavering. Whether we're showcasing our finest supplies, unveiling our latest beeswax candles, or joining local events, our goal is to keep the spirit of beekeeping alive and thriving. Whether you're an experienced beekeeper or just starting out, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

Wishing you a bee-autiful and rewarding August!

  • Remove the supers and extract them. 
  • Feed your colonies if they have no food reserves in the brood box.
  • Don’t leave frames or honey out in the open.
  • Make hives bee-tight and reduce entrances to prevent robbing.
  • Don’t open a colony unless absolutely necessary.
  • Start appropriate varroa treatment and apply according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Keep a watch for wasps around the hives.

Courtesy of the Haynes Bee Manual

The beekeeper’s calendar is directly linked to the seasons. Preparing your hives for changes in temperature and shifts in the weather — before they happen — is crucial for raising healthy, strong colonies. While there are a few variables that affect the timing of these tasks, getting a head start and preparing your equipment is always a good idea. 

As the season starts to slow in August, it’s important to continue weekly checks on your hives. This includes looking for robbers, identifying the queen and checking for diseases and pests. During the months of August and September on the beekeeper’s calendar, colonies do the important work of building up populations to prepare for the winter, and it’s a good time for you to begin winter preparations, too.

The colony’s growth is diminishing in numbers and the honey flow is coming to an end. When bees stop producing honey, remove all honey supers - except for one! Remember to leave one full super of honey for the bees. This is what they will live on during the winter. 

No more chance of swarming and the honey dearth will appear. Weaker colonies may get robbed of their honey so entrance reducers should be placed on weak colonies or move weak colonies to another bee yard. 

The varroa mite levels are high now and an evaluation of mite levels should be maintained during this time of year. If you determine mite levels are too high, a varroa management practice should be added to your list of beekeeping chores. A good product for varroa mite treatment is Apiguard

Some colonies may need food and some small clusters may need additional frames of brood to increase bee numbers. Check for failing queens and re-queen.

August Tips: 

  • Remove honey
  • Remove empty supers 
  • Check for mites (medicate if needed) 
  • Feed weak colonies (pollen & syrup) 
  • Re-Queen bad queens 
  • Equalize colonies 
  • Order more queens

The honey for harvesting and the queen excluder should be taken off in early August allowing the bees to collect what little remains for themselves and start treating your colonies for varroa.  Early August insert entrance block to reduce entrances so the diminishing colony can defend against wasps.  

TIP: Joining a local beekeeping association or club is the best way to learn about the particulars of beekeeping for your region. It’s one of the first things we suggest to anyone looking to become a beekeeper. 

Essential Equipment:

  • Protective Clothing, Smoker, Hive Tools
  • Record Book
  • Spare Supers with Frames and Foundation
  • Bee Escapes for clearing Supers
  • Bee Brush
  • Varroa treatment
  • Entrance Blocks
  • Wasp traps
  • Feed

Our Basic Kit includes a beesuit, gloves, smoker, hive tool and a bee brush. €115 

Lastly, thank you for keeping bees! Let us know if you have any questions regarding your hive, we’re always happy to help. 

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  • thank you for all the advise for a soon to be beekeeper

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