National Polystyrene Hive (Type 3)


National Polystyrene Hive

Designed with the beekeeper in mind, this National Polystyrene Hive is the latest addition to our extensive range of beehives. Custom manufactured for Donegal Bees by Lyson – the renowned polystyrene experts – our new National Polystyrene Hive is the result of months of careful design and planning to take the advanced Polystyrene processing from Lyson and apply it to the tried and tested National format. Proof of these design efforts is evident in the fact that our National Polystyrene Hive is fully compatible with your existing timber components

Our National Polystyrene Hive includes:

> Mesh Floor with sliding poly-tray
> Reversible Entrance Block
> Brood Chamber (can be split to run two nucs)
> 2 x Supers (with optional air vent/ entrance)
> 6″ Deep Roof (with built-in eke)
> Polystyrene Crownboard (with 5 ventilated openings)

Our Lyson Polystyrene Hives come with a selection of swappable poly-plugs and vent blocks which can be inserted into the openings on the Brood Chambers and Supers. 5 circular Polystyrene discs are also included which can be used to close the ventilated openings on the crownboard. This gives the beekeeper full control of ventilation right throughout the hive

Plastic frame runners are built-in to the Broods Chambers and Supers at the manufacturing stage. This ensures the strength of the  structure is maintained as clip-on frame runners, which are popular with other polystyrene brands, have a tendency to leave the side-walls weakened and compromised. Further, all our boxes are plastic rimmed, top and bottom, for additional durability. With a minimum density of 170 microns, Lyson Polystyrene Hives are amongst the strongest Polystyrene hives available on the market

Our Lyson National Polystyrene Hives are available in all Green or Blue/Yellow colours. Hives ship fully assembled and painted

Also available as a Hive Pack with all Frames & Foundation or as a complete Starter Kit for beginners

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