National Polystyrene Hive Starter Kit (Type 3)


National Polystyrene Hive Starter Kit

This Starter Kit includes a Lyson National Polystyrene Hive (i.e. Mesh Floor with sliding poly-tray, Reversible Entrance Block, Brood Chamber, Super, 6″ Deep Roof, Polystyrene Crownboard with 5 ventilated openings), a Plastic Queen Excluder, 11 x National Deep Hoffman Frames (Flat), 11 x Premier Deep Wired Foundation, 11 x National Shallow Hoffman Frames (Flat), 11 x Premier Super Wired Foundation, Frame Nails, a Beesuit (select your size below), Gloves (select your material and size below), Smoker, Stainless-Steel Hive tool, Bee Brush and 4 Pint Rapid Feeder

Our Lyson Polystyrene Hives come with a selection of poly-plugs and vent blocks which can be inserted into the openings on the Brood Chambers and Supers. 5 circular Polystyrene discs are also included which can be used to close the ventilated openings on the crownboard

You can read more about our National Polystyrene Hive here

An additional Super (including frames & foundation) can be added below

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