National Brood Hoffman Frames DN4 (10 Pack)


NOTE: These DN4 frames are the most common National Brood Hoffman frame

First grade quality limewood frames

A DN4 Frame comprises of a 7/8″ British Standard Top Bar, two bottom bars and two Hoffman Side-bars which are 1-3/8″ in width and 8.5″ in length. Hoffman Side-bars are self-spacing

These frames can be used with our National Brood Beeswax and our National Brood Plastic foundations

All our timber frames can be ordered either fully assembled or flat for self-assembly. If purchasing flat, we stock bags and boxes of Frame Nails (Gimp Pins) and a very useful Rampin tool for punching the pins into the frames with ease

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Weight 1.5 kg

Flat, Assembled

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